Reliability and Failure of Electronic Materials and Devices, Second Edition by Milton Ohring, PDF 0120885743

Reliability and Failure of Electronic Materials and Devices, Second Edition

  • Title: Reliability and Failure of Electronic Materials and Devices, Second Edition
  • Autor: Milton Ohring
  • Publisher (Publication Date): Academic Press; 2 edition (November 4, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: | 0120885743
  • ISBN-13: | 978-0120885749
  • File Format: EPUB, PDF

Reliability and Failure of Electronic Materials and Devices is a well-established and well-regarded reference work offering unique, single-source coverage of most major topics related to the performance and failure of materials used in electronic devices and electronics packaging. With a focus on statistically predicting failure and product yields, this book can help the design engineer, manufacturing engineer, and quality control engineer all better understand the common mechanisms that lead to electronics materials failures, including dielectric breakdown, hot-electron effects, and radiation damage. This new edition adds cutting-edge knowledge gained both in research labs and on the manufacturing floor, with new sections on plastics and other new packaging materials, new testing procedures, and new coverage of MEMS devices.

  • Covers all major types of electronics materials degradation and their causes, including dielectric breakdown, hot-electron effects, electrostatic discharge, corrosion, and failure of contacts and solder joints
  • New updated sections on “failure physics,” on mass transport-induced failure in copper and low-k dielectrics, and on reliability of lead-free/reduced-lead solder connections
  • New chapter on testing procedures, sample handling and sample selection, and experimental design
  • Coverage of new packaging materials, including plastics and composites

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This book has the rare quality to be complete and essential. It helped me a lot on my job having found in it a lot of useful informations. I still use it as a reference on the need. Particularly, Chapter 11 (Characterization and failure analysis of material and devices) gives detailed explanations about the most commoms failure mechanisms and suggests a useful analysis procedures. Moreover a comprehensice list of possible analysis techniques are explained to the reader. This book is without any doubt a well done job!

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