Learn SpriteBuilder for iOS Game Development by Steffen Itterheim, PDF 1484202635

Learn SpriteBuilder for iOS Game Development

  • Title: Learn SpriteBuilder for iOS Game Development
  • Autor: Steffen Itterheim
  • Publisher (Publication Date): Apress; 1st ed. edition (November 22, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: | 1484202635
  • ISBN-13: | 978-1484202630
  • File Format: EPUB, PDF


SpriteBuilder is the fun and versatile game development environment that is a natural successor to Cocos2D, Cocos3D, and Chipmunk2D. In Learn SpriteBuilder for iOS Game Development, experienced game developer and author Steffen Itterheim shows you how to get the most out of SpriteBuilder to create a full-featured 2D action game that you can use as a basis for your own games.

You’ll learn SpriteBuilder best practices, how to incorporate SpriteBuilder into your game development workflow, and how to use the various features of SpriteBuilder, including game physics, scrolling, menus, and playing audio assets. You’ll learn everything from the basics to advanced topics like visual effects, soft-body physics, rendering textured polygons and porting to Android. You’ll be using both SpriteBuilder and the latest version of Cocos2D, version 3. If you have a bit of iOS development experience and you want to learn to create imaginative 2D games, Learn SpriteBuilder for iOS Game Development is exactly the book you need.

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I have been helping a team of student programmers that are working on a project for a modular robotics company. Developing real applications is, of course, very complicated, but as programmers we have developed pretty good survival skills. We were having so much trouble, however, as early on it was mandated that we use SpriteBuilder and Cocos2D rather than Apple’s new SpriteKit. Even Stack Overflow and extensive searching online only brought us more confusion–it was as impossible as trying to find good Python Cocos2d documentation (I’m hoping learning the Python bindings will be easy after reading this book). So when I saw this book was finally published, I couldn’t even wait for Amazon–I bought a copy locally at bookstore. I am now several chapters into this book and it is as the author intended it to be (as explained in the preface): a guide to developing a complete 2D scrolling parallax game primarily using SpriteBuilder and Obj-C in XCode. The book does NOT cover Swift–but that was no problem for us–we were mostly confused with how Spritebuilder worked with XCode to develop Cocos2D apps. There were surprisingly few examples explaining all the recent changes to the entire SpriteBuilder publishing to XCode process. In effect, we were struggling with the parts that are supposed to be EASY with SpriteBuilder. To summarize: this book emphasizes SpriteBuilder as the primary tool for game dev, but certainly does show the details of “wiring it all together” using Objective C in XCode. This nicely complements SpriteBuilders online “Getting Started” example in which they quickly publish (compile and export) to an XCode project and say “now, if you want, you can be done with SpriteBuilder and do all your work in XCode.” We were doing all our work in XCode, mostly because we didn’t quite understand how it all “fit together.” I hesitated to give this five stars, as I’m only a few chapters into the book. Nonetheless, I wanted to clearly detail what this book supplies that is simply not available elsewhere. As I type this, Cocos2D is undergoing many changes in the online documentation and tutorials. This book has much more to offer at this time, and we terribly needed something to help us.

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