Emerging Perspectives on the Mobile Content Evolution by Juan Miguel Aguado, PDF 1466688386

Emerging Perspectives on the Mobile Content Evolution

  • Title: Emerging Perspectives on the Mobile Content Evolution
  • Autor: Juan Miguel Aguado
  • Publisher (Publication Date): IGI Global; 1 edition (September 21, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: | 1466688386
  • ISBN-13: | 978-1466688384
  • File Format: EPUB, PDF


In less than a decade, mobile technology has revolutionized our cultures, societies, and economies by impacting both personal and professional aspects of human life. Mobile technology has therefore become the fastest diffusing technology in history, expanding and transforming existent possibilities by making technology accessible and ubiquitous.

Emerging Perspectives on the Mobile Content Evolution seeks a better understanding of the centrality of mobile content in the recent and coming evolution of both the ICT ecosystem and the media industry. This publication appeals to a broad audience within the interdisciplinary field of media studies, covering topic areas such as journalism, marketing and advertising, broadcasting, information management, media management, media economics, media- and technology-related public policies, media sociology, audience/consumption studies, and arts.

This publication presents a multi-disciplinary discussion through a collection of academic chapters covering topics such as mobile communications and entrepreneurship, reflection on wearables and innovation, personal and mobile healthcare, mobile journalism and innovation, and behavioral targeting in the mobile ecosystem.

About the Author

Juan Miguel Aguado teaches Communication Theory at the School of Communication and Information Studies, University of Murcia (Spain). His publications include: Mobile Society: Culture, Identity and Technology (Edited with Inmaculada J. Martínez, 2008), Movilizad@s: Women and mobile Communication in the Information Society (with Inmaculada J. Martinez and Iolanda Tortajada, Spanish Women Studies Institute, 2009), Technology and Social Complexity (Edited with Eva Buchinger and Bernard Scott, Editum, 2010) and Mobile Communication: Towards a New Media Ecosystem (Gedisa, 2013). Juan Miguel’s research includes mobile communication’s ecosystem and its social and cultural implications. He is currently coordinating the final phase of a 4 year research project on the evolution of mobile content and media supported by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation and together with Inmaculada J. Martínez and Claudio Feijóo.Claudio Feijóo holds an MSc and PhD in Telecommunication Engineering and an MSc in Quantitative Economics. He is professor at the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) where he researches on the future socio-economic impact of emerging information society technologies, in particular, from an ultra-broadband, mobile and content perspective. Currently he serves as Co-Director of the Sino-Spanish Campus at Tongji University in Shanghai. He is also the co-founder and coordinator of the ICT area in the international master programme on city sciences and main responsible of the organizing committee of the International Conference in City Sciences. He spent two years at the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies of the European Commission researching on the future prospects of mobile content and applications.

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